The Yggdrasil
Type: Flagship
Shields: Mk V
Hull: Mk IV Dryad
Weapons: Mk IV Wyvern
Power Supply: Mk III
Engines: Mk IV

The Yggdrasil was designed to have the appearance of the Tree of Life , which it was named for. The central command is a large golden sphere. Directly behind it are 4 large "branches" which grow out in a slight arc, extending far above the command sphere. These 4 branches are evenly spaced around the sphere at 90 degree angles to each other, and they are connected by a complex lattice of Dryad armor which was grown and hardened over time. This "canopy" protects the command sphere from attacks from behind the ship, but if it is destroyed, it will not harm the integrity of the ship itself.

In front of the Command sphere is the ship's nose, which houses the glider bays. This makes us the majority of the ship's length, and houses the docking bays, as well as many of the main guns.

This ship's design means that it is uni-directional, unlike most Goa'uld Ships. The ship has a front and a back, and flies in a single direction. Its guns also only fire in a limited range.

Total Size: Approx. 6 times a Mk II Ha'tak