Tuat, Goa'uld pyramid

Once a heavenly planet within the domain of Ra, Tuat is now a desolate and almost barren nda where there are still streams and high seas on its surface.

capital for a short period of the empire, Tuat is rich in monuments and possesses a vast industry Goa'uld unfortunately now in ruins due to the advent of the apocalypse. The once vast population, has been drastically reduced and the famous shipyards on the surface are just a sad reminder of a glorious era. While restoring the economy of the planet, Tuat still struggling to recover from the difficult situation in which it is precipitated. Currently, the reconstruction plan implemented by Khnum and carried out by Queen Satis has restored the ancient splendor just before the new return of the renegade Goa'uld Anubis. The planet was lost recently due to the invasion of Atlas.