Lord Tigris served Ra for many centuries, and was assigned to the planet Hej'Na just a few months before the fall of Ra. At the time that Tigris was assigned to Hej'na, scientists developed a prototype of a personal cloaking device--the first of its kind. Sent on an infiltration mission, Tigris was stranded in an enemy Goa'uld's territory when Ra fell. Having no access or reason to return to Hej'na, Tigris decided to try and blend into the empire of the minor Goa'uld's empire. He slowly grew in the ranks, but then something happened--the Titan Atlas returned and conquered the system. Trying to again climb the ranks, Tigris took the name Cecrops and eventually became one of Atlas' priests, where he met Argus and Elpis . The three Goa'uld formed a close bond, or as close a bond as Goa'uld can form, and worked together. However, Argus betrayed Tigris and Elpis, killing Elpis, and having Tigris barely escape with his life. By that time, Tigris had heard of Lord Selvans' empire rising in the Hej'na system, and decided to head there.

Tigris currently acts as Selvans' main advisor as well as the head of Selvans' assasins. When Selvans is away from his System, Tigris act as the military leader.