Status: Alive
Gender: Asexual (female personality)
Race: Goa'uld
Homeplanet: Khenem
Rank: Quen Mother
Allegiances: Khnum
Galaxy: Milky Way
Like any Goa'uld, Satis also has a huge ego and is usually selfish and opportunistic, but despite these negative characteristics this queen is unusually quiet and tend not to answer about his divinity. Rather, this power manifests in a public resurrected from time to time some human slave before the crowd. With this act not only reaffirms his divinity, but also of Khnum and the Goa'uld in general. Among the Goa'uld queens, Satis is the most diplomatic and paid in interpersonal relations and diplomacy. With the disappearance of Khnum for a limited time at the hands of the evil Anubis, the queen is seen to take away the land and to prevent the dissolution of his domain, he was forced to give freedom to a Goa'uld believed dead at the hands of Tauri. With the fall of Khnum, and the loss of the empire, Satis has reorganized the entire company on the planet Khenem creating the conditions for the return of her husband.