Status: ?
Gender: Asexual (Male personality)
Race: Goa'uld
Homeplanet: Saqqara
Rank: Goa'uld minor
Allegiances: Himself
Galaxy: Milky Way
As an independant Goa'uld Lord, assumed to be the son of Sokar, Razh'ek is known for his great ability to lurk in the shadows while plotting evil schemes. Razh'ek is patient, usually waiting for the right situation to strike while manipulating those around him. He has changed hosts many times, via a genetic manipulation device (GMD), from his original Unas form. Apart from being capable in combat and command, the Grim Lord Razh'ek is first and foremost a galaxy renowned scientist. Originally in the service of Atlas, Razh'ek has branched out to form his own faction. However, it is unseen as to whether Razh'ek is now an ally or foe of the Great Titan Atlas. In reality he may be planning to overthrow the System Lords and gain power for himself. Razh'ek's most distinguishing feature, apart from his advanced technology and armor, is his two-toned voice with synthetic undertones mixed with the normal Goa'uld voice due to his synthetic body.

During the threat and the war against Malecathi, Razh'ek has suffered the loss of his principal planet Ulas, later replaced with the acquisition of Saqqara. During the Wraith threat/invasion of the Milky Way, it was believed that Razh'el had died. Following the first meeting of the survivors Goa'uld, Razh'ek reappeared aboard the Serekh, his capitol ship. Razh'ek's whereabouts are currently unknown.