The StationEdit

Oxylus is a space station in the Genesaria System. The station is capable of receiving and repairing Ha'tak , and has minimal shielding and offensive weaponry. However, it contains many squadrons of Al'kesh for quick response.

But the true power of the station lies in its ability to produce the Oxylus Satellite. Inside of the station, there is not much room for personnel, rather it is all dominated by an automated factory that produces Oxylus Satellite, as well as containing the control center for the NAIAD System.

Oxylus SatelliteEdit

This satellite is small and spherical, with minimal shielding, and each has 6 mk I Staff cannons (one per direction per axis). They are not very strong, but when mass produced by the station, they are a formidable defense system. The satellites have some ability to move, although not very fast, and so they can position themselves throughout the system without having to be towed by a larger ship.