Setesh temple

Ravaged planet in the Milky Way. Ombos was the first planet ruled by Khnum, on which there was a revolt so devastating as to make the planet's surface uninhabitable as well as by the use of radioactive weapons by the rebels against oppression Goa'uld. The 'massive use of nuclear weapons biogenetic and led to the extinction of the entire population. An attempt to purify the surface of the planet is currently in progress. An 'outpost basement is present beneath the surface of the planet. The planet was lost recently due to the invasion of Atlas.

War against Horus and SeteshEdit

About 3,000 years ago, the population of the planet known as "Setim" was subdued and subdued by the armies of the System Lord Ra. Following the population rather unruly was ruled by Khnum, a minor Goa'uld sent into exile on the planet by the Supreme System Lord. After a hundred years of domination by the Goa'uld, the population rebelled again and in the same conflict Khnum was killed. The armed horus sent on the planet created the mythical battle between Horus and Setesh. A chief of Horus was sent to the terrible Sekhment that eventually forced the same Ra to take measures to prevent further bloodshed. Having quelled the revolt, Khnum was resurrected, but the damage caused by the sarcophagus still not fully functioning and perfected, Ra forced to seal Khnum within a canopy of stasis. Ra after the revolt left the planet.