A highly unstable variant isotope of naqahdah with considerably greater energy-production capacity — and correspondingly greater explosive potential. Naqahdriah emits radiation that can cause death, or in non-lethal doses brain damage, resulting in delusions or schizophrenia. The energy released by naqahdriah can catalyze nearby naqahdah into more naqahdriah in a self-sustaining reaction. Naqahdriah was thought to occur naturally only in the nation of Kelowna on the planet Langara, but was later discovered that it was created by a Goa'uld during an experiment. In Kelowna it is used to construct weapons of mass destruction for a cold war against two rival nations. The Kelownan Jonas Quinn brings naqahdriah to Stargate Command in protest of his government's weapons program. Naqahdriah allows the Earth X-302 fighter to be fitted with a far smaller hyperdrive than would otherwise be possible, although its instability limits the drive's utility to short, unguided jumps. The Earth ship Prometheus also initially uses naqahdriah in its hyperdrive, though the element's instability causes problems on its first flight.[13] The Earth Mark IX "Gatebuster" nuclear bomb is enhanced with naqahdriah and is designed to detonate the naqahdah in a Stargate to create a massive explosion. The two powersources with enough power to dial the two Nine Chevron addresses are planets with Naquadria cores and Stars.