830px-Cloning Tanks
The Genetic Cloning Device was Created by Pyrrhus after the great losses he had taken on his empire along with others, the device is created from the same technology as the Asgard aslong with a Ancient and Wraith tweek here and there. the technology will be used to create Soldiers for the Epirus Army.

A Unknow Warrior Called Themistocles Son of the great Warrior Seleucus will be cloned over and over creating a great Army of Clones, his training was just like his father the Diamonde way. all the clones will have the same memorys in skill as Themistocles but somethings will be changed which i will explain below :).

To create clones, samples of genetic code are drawn from subjects' cells, duplicated and implanted into donor cells. These donor cells grow, divide and, eventually, gestate in artificial wombs, filled nutrients and organic catalysts. Altering the nutrients and catalyst solutions that the cells receive can influence the physical attributes and maturation rates of resulting clones. The most aggressive mixtures of nutrients and catalyst solutions produce fully formed adult clones in under 1 weeks, but forced growth acceleration often lead to mental instability in the resulting clones. Some cloners, however, have discovered methods to avoid this phenomenon. The genetic material donor is typically referred to as a Prime clone. Using the subject's template, it is possible through many different techniques to create exact physical replicas. This process is capable of creating only a single copy or multiples. Furthermore, genetic engineering can further modify the clone to augment or subdue specific traits.

The standard Cloned Jaffa, though, were genetically altered to be more docile and susceptible to obeying orders than their genetic template, supplemented by rigorous behavior modifications to instill absolute loyalty to there God Pyrrhus. In order to grow fully matured clones in 10times of the time it takes ordinary Humans, Pyrrhus' Scientists modified the clones by implementing "age acceleration" into their development, thus allowing the clones to reach adulthood in 1 Week instead of two decades. Although the exact rate at which clones aged is unknown, it appears to be nearly 10times as fast a natural-born Human and it is theorized that this rate increased as clones grew older—especially under stress, thus leading to a dramatic shortening of the clones' life expectancy.

Themistocles Can be cloned over and over and those clones that are at Fully Matured state can be cloned so it can continue eithen if Themistocles died.

Estimated Time(Earth24HR): 1 Week, the more Clones of Themistocles there are the more can be made in that week.