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The King's valley, Ballas planet

Planet of the Milky Way once controlled by the System Lord Yu for nearly 2,000 years after it won one of the many wars against minor Goa'uld Khenti. The planet has no valuable mineral deposits and has no strategic position, but with the fall of the Goa'uld, Goa'uld many have taken refuge on its surface in the hope of escaping from persecution made ​​by the Free Jaffa Nation and Tok'ra. The planet was claimed by Khnum in recent years. In the reorganization of the 'empire Nefertum became the governor of the planet. Recently, the planet has suffered an invasion by the armies Kull. Following the retreat of the enemy was initially claimed by the usurper Ra and reconquered by Khnum after a fierce battle on the surface and an orbital bombardment. The area has undergone a gradual desertification in the last few centuries that led to the native population in the great oasis shelter present near the western desert. Worthy of note is the "Valley of Kings" a temple complex built by Khnum and fell into disrepair after the heavy orbital bombardment. He recently received a restoration and reconstruction on the planet was set as one sovereign of the faithful of Khnum. The planet was lost recently due to the invasion of Atlas.