Minor Goa'uld, once Ptah underlord for many thousands of years until the fall of the Goa'uld during the war against the Replicators. Disgraced, threatened to be executed at the hands of the Tok'ra and Jaffa free refuge at the court of Khnum. Remained for some years in the service of the System Lord, Apis was able to create a small army that saved his life during the war against the Wraith and Malecathi. He joined forces on the planet intestine Rome Prime, Apis along with another former underlord Khnum was able to bring about the downfall of the planet itself through the clever plots and deceptions. Returning to the court of Khnum, Sobek was intended to serve as his underlord (temporarily). before returning officially warlord in the service of the System Lord Khnum.

Unlike other general Goa'uld, Apis is a strategist known for the use of bacteriological and chemical weapons during the sieges in the various planets due to the small number of Jaffa present in his armies. This tactic was rejected during the conquest of Rome Prime